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Madi Collar Cardi - Bitters - Yellow cashmere cardigan by Elaine Madigan Cashmere

Our first major feature with the press!  We are overjoyed to showcase our cashmere collection. We’re always working so hard with design and production it’s hard to prioritise marketing. At last we’re there. Make sure to check out our website for a treat with these beautiful images of our newest arrivals, such as our Nicole cardigan – pictured below in the stunning Serpentine colourway.

Nicole cashmere cardigan in serpentine
Nicole Cardigan & Emma Wrap in Life Magazine,Sunday Independent

We’re Off to Showcase 2017

If you’re in the luxury design business in Ireland then Showcase is one of the most important dates in your calendar. The Design and Crafts Council of Ireland’s annual trade show – which celebrated its 40th birthday last year – brings together more than 450 of the country’s designers and creators and introduces them to commercial buyers from all over the world. Not only is it an opportunity for designers to share their unique products with a whole new audience who might have missed out otherwise, it’s also a great way to experience what Irish designers have to offer and to engage with the community and develop skills through a selection of workshops and seminars.

So, you’ll understand if we’re more than a little excited to have been invited by DCCOI to show at their new Text Isle area this coming weekend! The show runs from Sunday to Wednesday, and we’re looking forward to showing the very best of Elaine’s beautiful cashmere collection, from classic year-round favourites…
Antoinette Cape - Elaine Madigan Cashmere
… To fresh pops of vibrant summer colour…
Summer Colours - Duck Egg, Turquoise, Lime Sherbet - Elaine Madigan Cashmere
… And even a sneak preview of some new pieces she’s been working on!
New Pieces for Showcase - Striped Sweater Dress by Elaine Madigan CashmereIf you’re planning to be there yourself, please be sure to stop by and visit us at stand C69! And if you’re not, don’t worry – as long as you’re following us on Twitter and Instagram we’ll keep you up to date with all the goings-on throughout the event!

Not all cashmere is created equal

elaine madigan cashmere post image

I Found this article in the “TRIBUNE NEWSPAPER” and thought it was very good and had a lot of valid points. Give it a read and let me know what you all think.

Not all cashmere is created equal

Bargains abound, but midpriced sweaters sacrifice softness

January 17, 2010|By Sabrina Azadi, TRIBUNE NEWSPAPER

Cashmere. Just the word conjures images of sophistication. Like caviar and pearls, the fiber has humble beginnings. Who would think that the hair on the underbelly of the Mongolian goat would be in such high demand? But it has been for centuries, and because there is relatively little of it and because processing costs are high, it has traditionally been an indulgence.

So why is it that nowadays even Costco is selling it? Walk into any mall and you’ll come across cashmere sweaters in such a variety of prices your head might spin: $1,000 or $59.99?

Karl Spilhaus, president of the Boston-based Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute, believes the difference in price is often an indication of quality. “It’s a question of significant lower quality,” he says.

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The Story of Cashmere

elaine madigan cashmere post image

What is Cashmere?

Cashmere is shed down annually from goats living in the high, dry plateaus that stretch from northern China into Mongolia, surrounding the Gobi Desert. In order to survive, these goats have coarse hair that repels the bad weather. Beneath that external coat lies a much finer fiber, cashmere, which insulates these animals from the bitter cold.

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