Sofia Lace Scarf

€ 145


A feminine piece with beautiful and intricate lace stitching, which gives it a classic vintage feel. This warm yet delicate cashmere scarf, available in a selection of delicate muted hues, is perfect for those aiming for a look of understated elegance.

Measurements – L136cmx W30cm (54'' x 12'')

  • 100% Cashmere sourced from leading cashmere supplier Lora Piana
  • Handmade in Ireland
  • Handles like air, a feast for the senses

This sublime cashmere scarf is stylish, comfortable and delicate. The overall lace stitch gives it a soft feminine feel and a vintage look, and as it’s made from 100% cashmere, this pretty scarf is guaranteed to remain warm and cosy through all weather.

Feather-light and very thin, the Sofia Lace cashmere scarf is extremely versatile, effortlessly adapting to any look while providing the luxury snugness one can only get with pure cashmere.

The Sofia Lace scarf, like all of our cashmere garments, is handmade in Ireland.

With all the elegance and subtle style one would expect from the Elaine Madigan Cashmere Collection, you can be sure that this cashmere scarf has been designed with our clients in mind. Ever cosy and comfortable, and with such great variety in styles, the Sofia Lace Cashmere Scarf will quickly become an everyday wardrobe staple.

The entire Elaine Madigan Cashmere Collection is custom designed by Elaine and made in Ireland with care using traditional methods. The yarn is 100% cashmere and is sourced from the market leading suppliers, Loro Piana and Todd & Duncan.

Each cashmere scarf is personally checked and hand finished by Elaine before sale or shipping.

The concept for this cashmere collection represents an Irish lifestyle, drawing inspiration from the delights of the Irish personality and countryside, the delicate flora and fauna and the weather, which is capable of soft rains, stiff breezes and bursts of glorious sunshine within the space of a few minutes.

Most of all, Elaine Madigan Cashmere seeks to portray the things we love most about this wonderful island: its gentle colour palette, cosy warmth and unassuming elegance, all of which we have combined to deliver the essence of affordable luxury throughout the collection.

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