Cashmere garments inspired by the beauty of nature

elaine madigan cashmere cherry blossom

Inspiration is often talked about in conversations about design and craft, especially among designers of cashmere garments and other beautiful items.

It is a constantly evolving idea and one that designers are always searching for. When I am asked where my ideas and inspiration come from, it is always a difficult question to answer, as I think it is something very personal to each person and designer. Recently, I have been speaking to people about inspiration, and it made me think it was an interesting topic to write about.

For me, one of my biggest areas of inspiration is nature and particularly the scenic beauty of Ireland, as our island is such a beautiful and special place.

Thoureau said ‘Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads’, and the inspiration for elaine madigan cashmere really stems from the beauty around us, especially for the colours in the collection.

For example, our Cherry Blossom colour (see image at the top) embodies the delicate cherry blossom flowers that spring forth from those beautiful trees. Or have you ever seen a robin’s egg? Our Robin Egg colour takes its name from the eggs of the small, friendly robins, and we couldn’t have imagined a nicer colour blue.

cashmere scarf and wrap
Our Foster Cardigan and Emma Wrap in beautiful robin egg blue

As cashmere is a natural fibre, it grounds anyone that wears it and helps the wearer feel more in touch with their natural environment.

Although the beauty of nature is a big inspiration for the colours within the collections, it is the women that I am lucky to be surrounded by that have the biggest impact on my styles and designs.

I really feel passionate about creating luxury within everyday life and empowering women to feel beautiful and self-confident. When I am sketching a design, I always think of how it can be worn in ‘real’ life and still create the feeling of indulgence.

I am very fortunate to have a large family of women to try my designs and they really are my harshest critics and best inspiration. It is by looking at their lives that I can design my cashmere pieces to create luxury within the every day. I always hope that anyone that wears an elaine madigan cashmere garment feels special and empowered wearing it but can still wear the piece every day doing their normal daily tasks.

My inspiration is constantly evolving and changing as is seen through the different colour pallets and designs  throughout each collection but the two areas that always remain consistent for me when I am sitting in my studio sketching my designs are the beauty of the Irish landscape and the everyday lives of the women that I am surrounded by.

Don’t forget to look around and see the beauty in your everyday lives!


elaine madigan cashmere
elaine madigan cashmere

Elaine’s path has been one filled with passionate creativity and a designer’s penchant for juxtaposing style and functionality, blending the world of innovative imagination into the everyday and ubiquitous.